Phases of the Moon

by Seth Atkinson & Abbi Wike

How the Phases of the Moon Work

The moon's phases are the fractions that we can see as the moon revolves around Earth.

It takes the moon 29.5 days to revolove around the earth one time. The major phases of the moon happen about every 7.4 days apart. The moon is lit from different angles from the sun. The sun lights up part of the moon but we don't always see all of it.

A new moon is on the same side as the sun.

Between the new moon and a full moon it is cresent and is half lit. Then when it waxes it grows into a half moon. this is called a waxing cresent.

The first half moon is called the first quarter.

After the first quarter, the more than half lit moon comes the gibbous moon. Then the full moon.

When the moon and the sun are on oppisite sides of the Earth, it is a full moon.

Then it repeats itself in reverse and becomes smaller into the waning gibbous the half moon a cresent and then the new moon.

We made our moon phases out of oreos, made the sun with a pie and a cupcake Earth.

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