Week in Review

5th Grade Hybrid learning

Temperature--Need to Know

Temperature is:
  • measured by a thermometer
  • affected by the sun and how close it is to the earth


  • reflect the sun's energy
  • keep the temperature cool by preventing the sun's energy to warm up the atmosphere
  • without them, the earth heats up much faster

Land & Water:

  • Land can be heated and cooled faster than water
  • It takes 5 times more energy to heat up water than to heat up soil

Preview of Next Week

Humidity Types

Relative Humidity

  • percentage of water vapor in the air relative to the maximum amount that could be present (before the water turns to precipitation)

High Humidity

  • When the air reaches 100% humidity, it produces water or precipitation (rain or snow)

Low Humidity

  • no or very little water is present
  • earth always has at least 1% humidity EVEN IN THE DESERT

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