1st Grade News

Russell's Room


If you happen to visit our first grade classroom you will see children functioning independently and successfully in 20 minute reading and writing blocks. You may wonder....How did we get here? My response would be....Very slowly.

We must move step by step to match the pace of students' learning with their readiness. Introducing one or two new routines in reading is enough for this week. Next week we can add another, and one more the week after, gradually adding complexity and challenge as students are ready. As we go forward this week, we acknowledge and build on the students' small successes.

Ask Me About ???

Morning Meeting: How to play the game "The Big Wind Blows"...The big wind blows if _____.

Reading: What is the keyword and sound for these letters (t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o)

t-top-/t/, b-bat-/b/, f-fun-/f/, n-nut-/n/, m-man-/m/, i-itch-/i/, u-up-/u/, c-cat-/c/, o-octopus-/o/

Writing: What small moment did you write about in writer's workshop?

Math: Have your child write the numbers 1-9. Ask them what numbers begin my making a vertical stroke (1 and 5)

Social Studies: Which way is north? Toward your nose or tail?


Please make sure your child brings a nut free snack everyday to school.

Upcoming Dates:

September 22- Bus Safety Practice 9:45-10:10

September 22- Rescheduled Curricum Night 6:30-7:10

September 26- Fire Safety Assembly 9:30-10

September 30- Picture re-take day

October 3- In/service Day No School

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