A periodic table element

Basic characteristics

Atomic number- 27

Atomic Mass- 58.933 AMU

Atomic Symbol- Co

Number of Protons- 27

Number of Neutrons- 32

Number of Electrons- 27

Group- 9

Period- 4

Who discovered Cobalt?

Cobalt was first discovered in 1735 by the Swedish chemist George Brandt. He wanted to prove that the ability of some minerals to color glass blue was not because of Bismuth, but another unknown element. This element was cobalt.

How is Cobalt made?

Cobalt is most often extracted as a by product of Copper and Nickel. 48% of cobalt is made from nickel ores, 37% from copper ores, and 15% from primary cobalt production.

Cobalt everyday uses

Where can cobalt be found?

- In the vitamin B12

-Nickel and copper ore

-color dyes

Physical Characteristics of Cobalt

- Cobalt is a metal

-Boiling point- 2930 degrees Celsius

-Melting point- 1495 degrees celsius