He named me Malala

"My father named me Malala but he didn't make me Malala."


Malala was an ordinary 15 year old girl. Until one day she she was just sitting on her bus when two men came and shot three shots at the school bus. Those men were part of a group called the Taliban. After the shooting Malala decided to help girls like her. Malala lives in Swat Valley in Pakistan.
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Malala's Fight for Girls to go to School

After the shooting Malala decided to go on national TV and very popular shows and talk about what is happening in her daily life in Pakitan, Swat Valley. After being on TV the Taliban shot her. The Taliban thought that she silenced her but instead of silencing her they actually helped other girls find their voice.
He Named Me Malala Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Documentary HD

Malala Trailer

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