globalization of a Nike sneaker

Nike Sneaker

Nike is one of the biggest shoe brands in the world. Many people have Nike shoes, but most of them don't know where and how they were made.

Raw Materials

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All these materials go to one place, Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are workers that assemble the shoe.
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Once the shoes are manufactured, they are shipped to Mexico to be packaged by workers and sent out to stores for people to buy.
The map above shows the Nike manufacturing process and shows what materials come from where



Technology is how the nations connect with each other today, such as television, radio, cell phones, and computers.

A problem with technological globalization is that new technologies brought into countries that manufacture products may be too complicated for the workers to use. Nike shoes are primarily made in poorer countries so the workers may not know how to work new technology.


People and countries being able to share goods and resources through trade.

Companies may take the resources from other countries making the effected country no economically diverse. Nike may take a lot of the cotton from China to make their shoes and leave Chifeng with no diversification.


Countries and cities sharing cultures with other countries and cities like food and fashion.

A problem with cultural globalization is that countries can lose their unique culture and change it to another countries culture. A country that generally wears other shoes than Nike may lose that unique style to wearing different shoes.


Countries changing the ecosystem in other countries.

A problem with environmental globalization is that the changes done to a countries environment could be harmful. This retains to a Nike shoe because the polyurethane that's used in the sole can be dangerous to the effected ecosystems.

A solution to this problem is to use more Eco-friendly materials so the environment the manufacturing is taking place in will be will be environmentally healthy.


I chose to do the project on a Nike shoe because it was manufactured in a country I barely knew about, Indonesia. I thought learning about the effects of globalization on that country would give me more information about it's culture. This product plays a role in my daily life because I wear Nike shoes every day and I had know idea what they were made out of and where the materials came from.