Greek Contribution

Ancient Greece

asArchitecture and art

The buildings look like long house made out of cement with long and tall conoret walls. The type of art is sculpture human body's there was minor art greek pottery and buildings. The temple were used to store offering, temple were large and long. Pericles - he built new temples alexander the great conqured new cities and rebuilt them with greek architecture. They influence others to create the same art using the Greek colture. They are religouse like some of us, they had some pets like us like dogs, cats, birds, they also had some wrestling type.


the philosopher are Pythangoras, Plato, zero, Socrates, Arhelpistotes. Plato is who a student of Socrates. Socrates is their beliefs were the same, arstotie, Hexis. Plato is republic. aristotes is booms, bury. what is the best life or what political regime helps develop character of it's citizens that lets the best life, believed. the limitations of greek religion also left many literate and educated people dissatistfied. the religion provided an stories about how the world came to be as it is, but scant basis for systematic inquiry into be nature or human society. and while the dominant religion promoted political loyality, it did not provide ethical thought.



The monarchial form of government was the dominant system among city- state in Greece during the late bronze age ( 2,000- 1200 B.C ). The men could only be citizens in ancient Greece, no woman. They had to be over age of 18 and could never have been a slave. At first, they changed every 10 years in Ancient Greece, but then it was reduced to 6 years, and eventually went down to one year. The ancient Greece's had slaves slaves had no way to buy or earn their freedom. The Persia and the peloponesian war. - vote for leaders (pres. and representatives). - people run gout. - people have a say in laws.
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If there were strange happenings in the world that they couldn't explain they made up stones about the gods. Some heroes were Jason, Hercules, belle rophon, the Seus ods seus, and perseus. Poseidon- gods of 2 hudes- the god of the dead and sea and earthquakes. king of the wonder world. 3. Zeus the leader of Olympic gods, god of thunder lightnim and heaven. 4. Ares- the good of chootic wars. 5. he phaestus- god offive and black smithing he made he weapons for the gods. artemis- the soddess of the moon, hunting and nuring. 7. Athena- goddess of wisdom, poetry art and the strate gic side of war. 8. Demeter goddess of harvest. 9. Nike- goddess of victory. 10. herd- queen of the goddesses the goddess of women and marriage the wife of Zeus. the greeks believed that at the moment of death spirt of the dead left the body as a little breath or puff of wind. the deceased was then prepared for burtal according to time- honored rituals. ancient greek culture is reflected in today's society is history, people, clothing, traditions.
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there were Greek atheletes who competed every four years. they took parts in Olympics. in honor of Zeus, were held crowds of all kinds of people (everyone who was interested) would gather to watch games such as discuss- throwing, long jump and running. crowds watched sports such as running, discuss- throwing and the long jump. it developed as a kind of religious rital well as being good soldier training. they felt that they were important because the Greeks believed their goods would be pleased by skill. ancient Greek culture is reflected in today's society running, jumping, are both reflected and also shut put
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The type of food

The ancient Greeks grew olives, grapes, figs and wheat and kept goats, for milk and cheese. they ate alots of bread, beans and olives. In the summer months there were plenty of frensh fruit and vegetables to eat and in the winter they ate dried fruit and food they had stored like apples and lentils.
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