Dividing Fractions Menu

The Ins, Outs & Models(Main courses $27) Menu $40 total

Menu grading

Main courses-up to $27-30 -YOu will complete 3 main courses.

You will have full independent working time on Thursday and part of class the other days while Mrs. Lewis pulls groups.

Note: Assignments are due Thursday by 3 pm

Here is a checklist to place links for assignments. All are in google. YOu may choose to submit as pdfs, but please place all in one submission. I would rather have work in this checklist link:




Note about work: Please photo any work and show all work. Please use models as well as try both methods of algorithms. Please study all videos and notes at the top of the Smore. You will have an assessment on Friday, October 16th.

You should earn $40 for a 100







Notes & Information

Main courses

Main course Monday $7

On Monday for the main course, please complete the slides with pattern blocks!

Complete each ? with a different partner as you move down the line with your group!

Show your work on whiteboards and photo in the google drive!

Complete at least 5 tasks in the 30 min!

Tuesday Main course Scavenger Hunt

Complete the scavenger hunt assigned to your group.

Up to $10 if you complete at least 10 problems.

Wednesday Main course Thinking Blocks

After going through the math playground model at your level($5), complete the 5 word problems on your assigned colored worksheet with your group. $1 for each problem for a total of up to $10 for this main course.

These will be graded for accuracy.

Dividing fractions Video

Side dishes

side dishes

$4 for Pool or Art Mural

$6 for Pink Day & Brainingcamp

Appetizers $2


Play one round of this game

Cards 1-4($2 game)

Cards 5-8($3 game)

Cards 9-10($4 game)

Play one round of any of these games for $3