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In The News

1- Time Warner Cable's CFO joins WeWork. More here.
2- Inspired by FOK, cardiologist prescribes whole food in order to prevent disease.

3- Current politics of preventative care, as told by Omada blog.

4- FDA plans to ban trans-fat nationwide.

Walk The Talk

This section is about behavior.

1- Quick read on how to integrate behavior change into company product. More here.

2- People innately do what is easiest. Why energy is the key currency answered here.

3- If only to save money, prevention should be a keystone for healthcare focus.

Who Got Funded?

1- FitBit raises $358M in its IPO.

2- Future projections of digital health funding. Do read this.

3- Teledoc isn't profitable, but its business is growing. $100M IPO this week.

4- Evolent: cloud based software that electronically stores medical records. $742M IPO.

It's A Tech World

Omada was featured along with other digital startups here.

1- Google cares about health. They will capture health data through Study Kit & (oh snap!) are working on an app that counts the calories in your Instagrams.

2- Health apps are trending and are the future of healthcare. Mayo clinic analysis here.

3- VIDEO on 3D Printing of Pharmaceuticals. I repeat: pills are being printed.

Listen To This

This section includes audio interviews & podcasts.

1- Omada's CEO, Sean Duffy and other digital healthcare startups interviewed by KQED.

2- CEO of OneDrop, Jeffrey Dachis is interviewed on the startup podcast TWIST.

OneDrop an up-and-coming company that uses mobile to change the way people live with diabetes.

Way With Words

This section is about advertising.

1- Copywriting tips from Amy Porterfield here.

2- An update on how FB is effecting advertising.

The Tofu is Cooking

This section provides updates on Carbon Five activity.

This is Treyce

He is an intern from CCA that will be working on design with Kristen. He joined this Monday and will be at Carbon Five for three months. Fun fact: In high school, he designed a children's book for eating healthily. A cool kid indeed.

Picture below shows the development team making things happen. From left: Tommy, Rae, & Lori.

Big image

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