Kindergarten Connection

Ms. Solmson's Weekly Newsletter

May 2nd - May 6th


We are having a ball with our new author study of Mo Willems! After exploring several websites about Mo Willems we used our knowledge to complete a graphic organizer about Mr. Willems. We loved spending time with our special stuffed friends while reading Knuffle Bunny. The story inspired us to write our own adventures! Some of our stuffed friends took trips to the Eiffel Tower while others relaxed by the beach. We, of course, read a few Pigeon books as well. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus was a class favorite. We wrote letters to the bus driver telling him if we thought it was a good idea to let Pigeon drive. Most of us said it probably wasn't smart. On Thursday, we read about Gerald and Piggie and discussed how they are wonderful friends to one another. We also made some connections to times that we were good friends. After reading we logged onto National Geographic's website and learned about some other unlikely animal friends.


We began our unit on fractions by deciding which fraction of the graham cracker we wanted to eat. We were all very disappointed to learn that by selecting 1/4 of the graham cracker we weren't going to have very much to eat. We quickly learned the smaller the number on the bottom of the fraction meant the bigger the piece we could eat:) We loved making a cookie and sharing equal parts with our friends!

Writing Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we were thrilled to return to personal narratives (a.k.a. small moment stories). We reviewed that great stories are supported with details. After examining Ms. Solmson's stories for details, we wrote and wrote and wrote right from our hearts. I cannot wait to share the transformation of your child's writing since the beginning of the school year!


We were so lucky to have Mrs. Cater visit our classroom this week. She brought caterpillar eggs with her, and we are going to watch them transform into butterflies. We will join the rest of our kindergarten classmates to let them go once their metamorphosis is complete:)

Book Fair

We are looking forward to a groovy book fair throughout the week of May 16th! Students will have the opportunity to shop during a designated time as a class. Additionally, students are welcome to bring in money and shop the book fair as early as 7:30 starting May 17th as well as independently during their recess time. Peace, love, and books.

Thank You's!

-Thank you to Alison Feldman and Sari Block for helping in the classroom this week!

-Thank you to Celia Solomon, Liza's Grandmother, for being our Mystery Reader!

Upcoming Dates

-May 12 - Yom HaAtzmauat Celebration (wear white/Israel top and jeans or navy bottoms)

-May 18 - Young Author's Night at 6:00

-May 24 - Field Day

-May 30 - Memorial Day - No School

-June 3 - Last Day of School