April 22,2015

March 16, 2015

i-SAFE e-RATE compliance packages

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It's e-RATE Season!

The clock is ticking and e-RATE deadlines are fast approaching. Have you provided the necessary compliance measures and documentation? Do you have your plan in place for the next funding year?

i-SAFE E-Rate compliance packages contain cloud-based downloadable curriculum lessons and activities on CIPA/E-Rate related topics: Appropriate Online Behavior, Social Networking and Cyber Bullying. The lessons and video assets are available online and sorted in a teacher-friendly intuitive manner enabling quick access through the EdBrowser search engine – designed so teachers never waste valuable classroom time. i-SAFE’s exclusive tracking infrastructure enables E-Rate coordinators and administrators to monitor teachers’ usage of the CIPA/E-Rate-required topics, verify implementation and generate detailed compliance reports ON DEMAND. Compliance need not be complex, stressful or time-consuming. Rest assured, when an auditor calls, there is independent third party verification of your CIPA/E-Rate education policy.

Compliance begins with a comprehensive AUP document that your students both read and sign. AUP Cloud Services is an automated, Web-based policy and acceptance system for schools/districts that bundles all of your compliance needs into one solution.

  • It’s secure - The verification method binds school-child and parent-child relationships to ensure signatures are genuine.
  • It’s paper free - eliminating lost or misplaced documents, the need for printing and storage.
  • It’s flexible - Utilize i-SAFE best practices grade specific AUP templates or use your own self-authored AUP. Update, change, add documents or redistribute as often as you need, and have your students and parents resign as necessary.
  • It’s agile -– One administrator can supervise implementation for an entire school district. An administrator also has the flexibility to deploy an AUP at each school site, by grade, or group so that an AUP no longer is tied to a one-size-fits-all solution.

The AUP Cloud Services Administrators dashboard will keep track of it all and will store your compliance records/documentation in the Cloud accessible for at least 5 years as required by CIPA.

Click here for more information about AUP Cloud Services/Parent Permit.

i-Safe is a DigitalEdge Awarded Vendor that offers e-Rate, AUP Cloud subscriptions and onsite training through the 14A DigitalEdge contract.

Contact Mike Ptak at 760-603-7911 (ext. 35) or mptak@isafe.org if you have questions or need assistance concerning your school or district’s compliance requirements and reporting.

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