Team Leader Electronic Meeting

February 17, 2016


  • The Winter Carnival was a success! Please thank the members of your team that attended or helped in any way.
  • The weather is warming up-Hooooorrrayyyy!
  • WIDA/ACCESS testing in the computer lab is going smoother than anticipated
  • We appreciate all of your help covering duties and responsibilities-we sure have had our share of sickness.
  • Grows
  • Only three staff members have viewed the links in our e-faculty meeting- please encourage your teams to view the links. The new flyer allows us to see who viewed, how long they viewed the flyer and which links have been opened.
  • Kindergarten WIDA/ACCESS testing is taking longer than expected. Next year we will do a few things differently.

Items of Importance

  • Remind your team members to complete and turn in their Demographics pages to Mrs.Kidd
  • Remind your team to complete their RTI/MTSS forms, submit them and have them ready for Friday the 19th. Ranae will have a schedule.
  • Please have your Needs, Wants and Wishes turned in- Budget discussions will begin soon. Our first meeting with the board is February 22nd.
  • The first part of March we will be taking a school photo- the date has not been determined due to scheduling conflicts with Ryan Thomas- watch for confirmed date by the end of this week.
  • Fun Food Friday will be this Friday- Dessert Bar- Death by Chocolate.

For the Good of the Order

Where have you personally observed Ubuntu taking place in our school???