New Rome

By: Jonathan Cooper Simon Jadeed Andrew Glasmeyer Nick Jones

Introducing New Rome

Our task was to design a desirable community with Greco-Roman influence. We are doing this because we want to have a clearer understanding of how much the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans inspired our everyday communities. Our community is desirable, because we have lots of houses, we have a beach, we have houses for the upper and middle class, and we have a lot of places for the people of our community to relax and shop. By doing this we now understand how the Greeks and the Romans have influenced so much in our society.
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Why is New Rome so desirable?

Our community is desirable because it is very friendly. Also, in our town your child can go to the public schools and get a good education. At our schools you can play sports for the school team. We have a great sewage system, clean water, and electricity. There are parks around our village so the children can play and we also have a football field for the high school team that people can go on on the weekends.

Greek and Roman Influences

Our community has a lot of great houses for upper and middle class citizens that are influenced by the Greeks. Our architecture is also based on the Greeks. Most of our community is based on the Greeks. Our houses are based on the Greeks because they use geometric formulas that were invented by the Greeks. Also our government is based off the Greek democracy. New Rome has also been influenced by Rome in many ways. For instance, The name of our community is New Rome. New Rome has a lot of concrete and rome invented that. The romans had the forum and our community has a pavilion. There are a ton of complicated roads in new Rome and Rome invented the road. Rome has influenced us in many ways of architecture, for example, our town hall has a dome and we also have apartments which the Romans had. Rome has clearly influenced the development of making our community


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Why and Where

Our town is a beautiful community located in southwest Oregon. The name of our community is New Rome. We chose this name because we are deeply influenced by the Greeks and Romans. Our population is two thousand six hundred seventy-three. We were hoping to attract middle and upper class.


Beach Sound Effect by SummitScreenStudios

New Rome Beach

New Rome beach, also known as Cannon beach, is a beautiful place next to our community, it's nine miles long and great for walking along. The different speices of wildlife make it great for relaxing and watching the wildlife. The temperature stays at seventy-one degrees fahernheit and it's great if you want a quiet place to relax.
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Rome in 15 Seconds

Architecture of Rome

This is a video of Rome, We have a lot of Roman inspired architecture