By Ruben Javier & Myles Elmes , Hour 3. 4-1-16

What Is a Hurricane?

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Convection is the Main cause of a Hurricane

warm water cools off fast in the fall.
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Weather Conditions During the Storm

Location and Timing

In general hurricanes travel from east to west. In the US hurricanes come from the Atlantic ocean and reach the east coast.
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Safety Precautions

  • emergency kit
  • know your surroundings
  • listen closely to forecast
  • determine hurricane evacuation routes

Severity of Hurricanes

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Hurricane Andrew

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Hurricane Andrew

-over 145 mph wind speeds

-category 4-5

-17ft tidal waves

-26 deaths with over 40 deaths as an inderect result of the storm

-destroyed 25,524 and 101,241 damaged.

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