Reading Fluency Interventions

Aurora, IL, 2015/ Press Release: Fluency is an important part of reading as it bridges the gap between recognizing and understanding the meaning of words. If the child constantly halts to identify and pronounce unknown words, the meaning of the entire content will be interrupted. Thus, it is important to improve reading fluency for a child to perform well in academics.

If your child is not able to read quickly and accurately along with the right expression of words, there may be certain problems in his reading fluency. See-N-Read Reading Tools are research based products that can help your child to improve fluency and gain a better insight on the information being read. The tools provide an easy to use and practical approach to helps children overcome moderate to severe reading difficulties.

The fluency intervention tools are designed to enable readers to concentrate on the text and develop strategies that assist in comprehending the content. They aim at helping children improve focus and direct intellect towards recognizing the essence of the content, rather than trying to maintain position on a page. The different tools offered such as See-N-Read®, MemoryMark™ and eSee-N-Read™ provide complete support to improve the two basic reading skills, ‘sweeping’ and ‘chunking’. The tools also allow students to make notes, underline or highlight the important text simultaneously while reading.

Here are some of the benefits that your child can have by using these fluency intervention tools:

  • Increased interest in reading

  • Boosts academic performance

  • Better eye control and visual processing

  • Ability to understand the text

  • Enhanced accuracy and concentration while reading

  • Improved sense of phrasing

For more information about the benefits of See-N-Read Reading Tools, you can call at (630) 236 – 5592 or visit 2533 Sutton Ln, Aurora, IL 60502. You can also log on to their website to know more about the fluency intervention tools.