by Shawn Arthur

Describe the type of fishing you do?

I do lake and pond fishing . It is more convenient for where I live because there are not many streams that flow steadily. We have mostly creeks and ponds

What equipment do you use?

I use my new Berkley Lightning Rod. I like to use my uncles boat when I can because it makes it a lot easier to get around. I like to use Sinco’s and other rubber baits.

What are some fishing hot spots? Why do fish like thee special places?

My uncle’s a pond is good fishing because he goes to lakes and takes whatever big fish he catches and releases them into his pond. Also I like to go to Blackies Lake. It is good fishing on a boat. When I go to Blackies I go over to a tree that fell in the water. It is good crappie fishing if the bass aren't biting. It is good fishing here because crappie like to hide.

What rules do you have to follow where you fish? What is catch and release?

I don’t really have to follow any rules besides the state fish and game laws. Catch and release is something you have to do at certain protected places. Catch and release is when you catch a fish you must release it you may not keep it without permission.

What can fishing teach us about nature?

It can teach you to take your time. Also that not always goes how you want it too. Like, you can’t choose if you get a big fish or a little bluegill.