How close Jupiter is from the sun?

Jupiter 5# from the sun.Also a fun fact if you don't now the order of the planets remember My Very Exellent Mother Just Served Us Nochos!

What color is Jupiter?

It has three colors mixed together red,white and orange.Jupiter has very pretty colors.
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Is Jupiter visible from the Earth?

Yes ,Jupiter is visible from the Earth.

Is Jupiter a rock planet or a gas planet ?

Jupiter is a very cool gas planet.

What is the general temperature and does it have extreme temperature?????????

Jupiter's hot,hot,hot temperature is 233F!!!!!

Guess how many moons Jupiter has

Can you believe that Jupiter has 63 moons called Galilean moons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Jupiter have rings

Jupiter has 1 ring but you can not see it.
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How did Jupiter get its name?

Jupiter got its name from ancient sky god.

Fun Facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jupiter has a big read storm

  • Jupiter has big storms all the time!

  • 1,300 Earth can fit inside of it
  • the Red Spot was first seen in 1664

Would you like to go to Jupiter ??

No, because Jupiter is a gas planet so I rather look through a telescope.