RUNNING CHARRRRRRGE into November and December and into a NEW YEAR -- NEW YOU!!

This is such a magical time of year for Arbonne consultants!! People spend the most money in November and December on gifts and on making THEMSELVES look and feel great for the holidays. Have fun with it - Holiday Pampering gatherings, pre-holiday facials, SPA-LA-LA, VIP Shopping, 12 Days of Christmas, Men's Nights, New Year - New You workshops, corporate gift giving and so much more. To top it off....TAX write-offs on holiday gifts, tools & travel, that you get back early next year!!

The next AIT trip will be launched in the next few weeks (WAHOO!!!!) so GO BIG. Pack out the last week of November and work to get 8-10 presentations in the first 15 days of December! YOU CAN DO IT!! If you want to get a HUGE jump start on earning the AIT trip (a FREE tropical vacation!!!) you'll want to PACK OUT the first 15 days of December. Who can you launch late November or early December. Follow up with those on the fence and let them know that THEY TOO can earn a free trip if they launch this time of year.

MANY top leaders in Arbonne launched their businesses this time of year, so keep an eye out for those ACES!! They'll want to jump in now to take advantage of al the holiday bonuses this timer of year!!

You all continue to blow me away with your work ethic, commitment, tenacity, and vision!! Let's close out 2015 on a mission!!

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Recognition Effective November 1st

Congratulations on your promotion or qualification!

½ Way to Region

JoJo deBeaubien in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Kelli Trent in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Shannon Hare in Amanda Thayer’s Region

NEW Area Managers

Brianna Widen in Kari Triplett’s Area

*New* District Managers (8% Payraise)

Erin Zanotti in Christina Zanotti’s District (OK)

Melanie Eastridge in Sabine Bezdek’s District

Jennifer Wettergren in Mandie Atchity's District (CO)

Doug Becker in Liz Lin's District (CO)

Vanesa Bojorquez in Doc Trotter’s District (KS)

Heather Dahlgren in Brianna Widen’s District

Kirsten Scott in Brianna Widen’s District

Melissa Sanchez in Lindsay Bauerle's district (TX)

District Managers in Qualification

Christine Defendorf in Meg Alee’s District

Rachel Price in Kyla Jones’ District

Patricia Rinn in Sarah Rehm's district

Jenn Egan Fowler in Dayle Cedar's District

Cassie Marcus in Erin Geiger's district

Mary Caldorera Moore – Heather Vacek’s district

Lisa Ramsey – Samantha Hale’s District

Lauren Palmour in Melanie Plummer's district

Courtney Nunez in Candace Byrn's district

Brittany Flournoy in Lindsay Bauerle's district

Courtney Goodings in Jardin Loeffler's district

Lauren Peterson in Lindsay Bauerle’s District

Rebecca Davidson in Arlene Burgess District

Annie Velasco in Sabine Bezdek's District

Aileen Gahagan in Kelli Trent’s District (CA)

Kat Childress in Sam Knight's District (CO)

Rebecca Jones in Sam Knight's District (CO)

Keli Davis in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)
Perla Bojorquez in Vanesa Bojorquez’s District (KS)

Jessica Devine in Shannon Hare’s District (FL)
Elisa Paniagua in Shannon Hare’s District (FL)
Amanda Silverberg in Shannon Hare’s District (FL)
Michele McBride in Danielle Bartel-Palmer’s District (CO)

Ashley Gray in Angelle Schott’s Disctrict (CO)

Emily Burch in Tiffany Weaver’s District (CO)

Raquel Olivas in Alicia Bradley’s District

Melissa Sturgeon in Heather Dahlgren's District
Nicole Wilkins in Brianna Widen's District
Meghan Rogers in Brianna Widen’s District
Ame LeMay in Kirsten Scott's District

Sarah Mccuish in Krista Sabec-Labrot’s District

Erica Riley in Krista Sabec-Labrot’s District

Nicci Kochsmeier in Kelli Helzer’s District

Danielle Peterson in Randi Swenson’s District

DM Bonus Earners

(Extra $200 on top of you paycheck!)

Brianna Widen

Sabine Bezdek

Christina Zanotti

Lindsay Bauerle

Krista Sabec

Arlene Burgess

Shannon Hare

Liz Lin

Randi Swenson

AM Bonus Earners

(Extra $400 on top of you paycheck!)

Kelli Trent

RVP Bonus Earners

(Extra $600 on top of you paycheck!)

Amanda Thayer

Mid Month Rockstars!!

($2500 in Central District by the 15th)

Brianna Widen

Sabine Bezdek

Shannon Hare

Lindsay Bauerle

Dayle Cedars

Sarah Anderson-Hall



Top Region Sales ($)

Amanda Thayer - $61,304

Top Region Sponsoring

Amanda Thayer - 66

Top Area Sales ($)

Kelli Trent - $20,913

Kari Triplett - $19,829

Lindsay Bauerle - $17,336

Kelly Brgoch - $15,863

Sabine Bezdek - $15,279

Top Area Sponsoring (# of NEW PCs/Cons)

Kari Triplett - 35

Sabine Bezdek - 20

Lindsay Bauerle - 18

Kelli Trent - 14

Krista Sabec - 13

Top District Sales ($)

Brianna Widen - $15,582

Sabine Bezdek - $11,138

Christina Zanotti - $7,390

Lindsay Bauerle - $7,387

Krista Sabec - $6,454

Top District Sponsoring (# of NEW PCs/Cons)

Brianna Widen - 30

Sabine Bezdek - 18

Krista Sabec - 13

Shannon Hare - 11

Kyla Jones - 9


Sponsoring = GROWTH!!! This CHALLENGE is to help you GROW!!

Sponsoring PCs & Cons with $150+ in orders

Let's WIN this thing!

Please listen to quick, motivating call!


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RERUN!! - VP2B Bootcamp Calls - READY TO GO REGION???

I'm posting this again so that you'll LISTEN TO THESE over and over again!!

Below are some AMAZING calls from top leaders in Arbonne with TIPS on going region in 6 months!! ENVP Mary Wright took the initiative to have all these calls recorded and she has shared them with us!!

Take the time to listen to one of these a day as you fill your calendar fuller than you have YET!!

It's time for a WHITE OUT in the Brandsma Nation!!

ENVP Tiffany Anzelc


ENVP Tracey Gatchel


ENVP Lori Lucero


ENVP TIffany Bufton


ENVP Kristen Walter


NVP Toni Templeman


NVP Sara Davenport


NVP Mo Boeger

ENVP Wendy Cunningham


ENVP Micheline Kirsebaum


ENVP Molly Geil


ENVP Linda Parker


NVP Jenny Kronbach


ENVP Beth Malcook


NVP Dr. Laura Fortner


NVP Liz DeLoach


ENVP Tarrah Brandsma


ENVP Mary Wright


ENVP Katie De Dominicis