Liquidation vs. closeout cosmetics

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Perception on Liquidation and Closeout cosmetics

While many claim these to be the same things, liquidation and closeout cosmetics are not the same as they are perceived to be. Since they point out to the common business strategy of selling products at a lower price, much lower than the retailing prices, they are presumed to be the same. But the truth lies in the fact that both of them don’t deal with similar condition of products and items.

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Liquidated Cosmetics

Cosmetic liquidation comprises of the erstwhile demandable products of a store which has been used as bait against the bankruptcy of the store or shop. What basically differentiates liquidations from closeouts is that these are genuinely new products which do not have any risk on its use. There’s no other reason of selling these at less price, except for repaying the loss or loans of the store or shop. When a company loses its maximum fortunes in a loss then the most affordable way to repay the losses is through liquidations. Liquidating some parts of the business, basically the lesser significant ones, is one of the most genuine ways through which a business compensates the financial instability without hampering much its other significant assets. When it comes to cosmetics and beauty enhancing materials, liquidation cosmetics can be as reliable as any branded product from a shop.

Closeout cosmetics usually comprise of the shelf leftovers and surplus merchandise of a store. These are usually old, impoverished and in many cases refurbished items also. It is not always that closeouts are not always genuine. Though they consist of old, returned, tampered and used items, but some of them have simply lagged behind from the preying eyes of customers. Closeouts are usually given by stores and shops annually or even bi annually on a regular basis. These are not out of compulsion for repaying any loss; rather these are done in order to make space for the arriving items. When the discussion comes to closeout cosmetics; these are not as reliable as liquidations, because nothing can be guaranteed about their validity.

Apart from liquidations and closeouts, there is another transaction approach called as wholesales. These are unlikely the above mentioned categories have nothing to do with the massive population of customers. Rather these basically deal with the retailers. Manufacturers give their products to retailers in a large mass and at a considerable lower price.

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