GCCISD Technology Inventory System


The first time you login to the inventory software you will need to change your password. Below are the instructions for logging in and changing your password.

Changing Your Password

Search Options

Using the search feature is the quickest way to find equipment, employee, and student accounts. The search option can be found at the top of the screen once you have logged into TipWeb.

Status Descriptions

There are several status options to select in TipWeb. The main ones that should be used are "Available" and "In Use".

  • Available - This status is assigned to equipment that has NOT been installed in a classroom/office or been assigned to student/staff

  • In Use - This status is assigned to equipment that has been installed in a classroom/office or has been assigned to student/staff

Assigning and Collecting Technology Equipment

If the equipment leaves the campus with a staff member or student it must be checked out to them through the inventory system. See the link below for instructions on how to inventory equipment.

iPad Charges

CTS's WILL NOT collect money on iPad charges. Only appointed bookkeeper or campus secretaries will collect money for iPad charges.
Issuing, Adjusting, and Voiding Charges


Transferring Equipment and Assigning Room Numbers to Carts

There are two types of transfers that are used in Tip Web.

  • Site to Site transfer - These are generated and completed by TMS staff. Campuses should not be transferring equipment from one site to another.

  • Room to Room transfer - This will be used by campus and TMS staff to transfer equipment within that campus. For instructions on how to complete a room to room transfer, select the link below.

Inventory Reports

There are a couple of different ways to run reports in TipWeb. You can run reports with for specific criteria through the "Tags" menu or you can run room reports through the "Room" menu.

Inventory Audits in TipWeb Application

Need Assistance?

One on One Training

If you need more assistance or training on TipWeb, please submit a workorder and select #4 - Training Request. I will then contact you on when you are free to have a one on one training.

Technology Inventory Specialist/Administrative Technology Trainer

Vanessa Y. Arredondo