A Peak Experience!

Mount. Everest newest store-By Glenn Ford

1. New Business at Mount Everest

Our new business Peak Expedition has to work around some extreme climate conditions. Because of the extreme cold conditions and altitude, climbers need more experienced climbers and Sherpas to help guide them up the mountain to achieve their goal of reaching the top peak. Our New company will help climbers of all levels reach their goal no matter what part of Mount Everest level they get to climb. We will provide guides and all the equipment you will need to do a day climb or spend weeks on the mountain.

2.Ecological impact of Mount Everest climbers -use our business it's Ecoooooo friendly!!

Following the successful summit in 1953, more and more climbers began to come to Everest, intent on emulating the first climbers. This flood of visitors brought an influx of cash as well as infrastructure to Sherpa communities. There are now schools, hospitals, and stores selling Western goods and food. With the visitors came increased deforestation for firewood, as well as a great deal of litter.

Like most alpine areas, the Himalayas are ecologically fragile. Hundreds of climbers travel to the area each year in the hopes of summiting Everest, but an additional 25,000 Everest tourists visit the area as well. Today, climbers, locals and the Nepalese government are all working to protect the environment around Everest. Cite:nepalinformation.com/home.htm

Our Business:

Due to the growing numbers of climbers on Mount Everest, we want you to have the best experience ever. If you use our business Peak Expedition, you will not only have the most experienced climbers, but you will be working with a company that not only works on the mountain, but lives here full time an loves the land! We here at Peak Expedition take the time to keep the mountain clean and in great shape for the next generations to come.

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The weather at Mount Everest is some of the most extreme. Regardless if you are climbing the Mountain to the first level or trying to reach the highest peak, our new company (Peak Expedition) will guide you through the weather. Mount Everest has an extreme climate.

Mount Everest is located at the border of Nepal and Tibet (China), in the Himalayas. The international border between China and Nepal runs across the precise summit point. Summit is accessible from both countries, but accessibility is easier from Nepal side. Our company is experienced in climbing through this type of weather. We have all the equipment and experience to have a successful trip. Sometimes you need oxygen and special equipment to make it through the frozen mountain side.


See map below for location of Mount Everest which contributes to the extreme harsh weather conditions.

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Peak Expedition is the only store that keeps you safe from base camp to the summit Peak!! We have experience Sherpas who work for us and are native to Nepal and China. We have a great pack of Yaks to guide you and the equipment up the mountain. We have the best and latest in technology equipment as well as a working partner with food supplies,oxygen supplies and emergency helicopters for any situation may arise. Are company can do it all!!!
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5.Economic impact

The easiest way to get a grip on how much money Nepal takes in from tourism is to take a close look at what the Everest tourist spends. You might be surprised how quickly the numbers climb.

If you're one of the 25,000 annual Everest tourists, getting into Nepal for more than a three-day stay will only run you $30 [source: Nepal Tourism Board]. But that's just the beginning of the tab. If you want to climb one of the major Himalayan mountains, you need a government-issued climbing permit. Although you can hike more than a hundred of the smaller peaks for free, who wants to play in the sandbox when the beach is next door?

Mountains taller than 21,300 feet (6,501 meters) are premium property. That base height costs $1,000 and increases $500 for every 1,640 feet (500 meters). Since Mount Ever­est stands at a staggering 29,029 feet (8,848 meters), the permit will run around $3350.

Now that you've got your permit, you're ready to start climbing, right? Not quite. If you want to take the most common route to the top of Everest, you'll owe the Nepal government a $25,000 royalty fee for yourself or up to $70,000 for a seven-person expedition crew.

Cite:Mountain News].

6.Biography of Peak

Peak Marcello, a 14-year-old boy raised by his mother and stepfather, is the protagonist in the story. Something that Peak learns towards the end of the book is “The only thing that you’ll find on the summit of Mount Everest is a divine view. The things that really matter lie far below.

Peak Marchello Personality Traits:
Peak cares about his sisters and family,
he loves to climb,
he lives for thrill and challenges. He is a round charater,and is the main character who the story focuses on.

Physical Traits:
Peak is male,has a scab/scar on the side of his face, he is 14 years old. Peak is a dynamic charater,he goes onto the mountain willing to do anything to reach the top,and at the end he comes down with a whole new idea of life. Peak climbed 6 sky scrapers illegaly,instead of going to
juvenile for 3 years, his long lost father came and made a deal with the judge to take peak to China. Peak learns a lot about other people and himself on his journey up Mount Everest.

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