Care Time Management Best Practices

Rules and Guidelines for Success! :)

Clock-Punching and Logging In:

  • Be clocked in and ready to work at the start of your shift
  • Please do not clock in more than 15 minutes early to start your shift. If you arrive early, you are welcome to relax in the office.
  • The start of your shift is on the hour (8, 10, 2, 5, 12:30 for overnight). That means that you are logged in and ready to take interactions at that moment. If you need to get coffee and do other things first, please come in a few minutes early and take care of those tasks before the start of your assigned shift begins. Finally sitting down to log in 10 minutes after your shift has started is not acceptable for coverage purposes.
  • Stay at your desk and logged in to phones until the end of your shift
  • Do not go to away on chats until 5 minutes prior to EOS
  • Except for breaks, remain logged in to live interactions for your entire shift (if you need to log out, consult your lead first)


  • Be sure to take your breaks—A short break can improve productivity!
  • Always log your breaks on the form
  • Please avoid clumping your 15 min breaks together esp. from 11-2 when most agents want to take their meal break.
  • Before leaving for break, make sure that there is coverage on your interaction type.
  • If you’re late/miss your break, re-schedule or consult your lead
  • Do not rush/abandon interactions to take your break.
  • If you're going to take a lunch, please do so before the last 30 minutes of your shift. Leaving your 30 minute lunch break until the last half an hour of your shift does not mean that you get to go home early. This severely affects our coverage and is not how the shifts are designed.
  • If you're signing up for breaks when you first start your shift, please be mindful of removing your name from the slots you choose if you find you're unable to take your breaks at those times
  • If you have meetings, please be sure to mark that on the break schedule and let your leads know as well-it's very important!

PTO, Call offs, and other Scheduling Requests:

  • Be sure to speak to a lead directly for any call offs (via phone)
  • Be sure to CC your lead on any requests to the scheduling specialist and make sure they are in the loop about any last minute scheduling changes
  • Please note that schedule requests are decided on a few criteria. We take total number of requests, amount of PTO available, frequency of requests, and number of people who are on PTO in consideration when handling all requests. We always schedule to the needs of the business.
  • Please feel free to reach out to your lead or HR with any questions about leave, disability, jury duty etc. You can find a lot of important information on these topics via the employee handbook:

General Common Courtesies:

  • Be aware of interaction volume. If you must step away from your desk at a high volume time(bathroom, coffee, etc) give the appropriate party a heads up (lead, lead assistant, or co-worker on same interaction type)
  • Please be sure to keep the volume of non-customer interactions to a minimum. We want you to have fun but it can be distracting to fellow advocates and negatively affect the customer experience when they can hear our other conversations!
  • Please know that we encourage you to have casual conversations with customers but there is still a high level of decorum and professionalism that we need to maintain. Stay away from using any inappropriate language you may use with close friends and topics that go too far off of the subject at hand. We're making an impression on the customer and this matters! :)