Come Visit The Blackland Prairie!!!

This awesome flyer is by Molly Ramon

Wildlife and hunting

Wildlife in the Blackland Prairie vary from small game animals such as waterfowl,songbird,other types of birds,pocket gophers,and reptiles. There are also bigger animals such as the white-tailed deer. The endangered species for that ecoregion are listed as the bison,red and gray wolf,black and grizzly bears,passenger pigeon,ivory billed woodpecker,and the pronghorn antelope. These animals require a large area of habitat. Some animals,like the pocket gopher,dig holes in the ground which helps the weathering of the soil. You could go hunting. If you do go hunting I suggest making deer jerky. With the right spices its the best jerky ever

Weathering in the Blackland Prairie

Weathering in the Blackland Prairie is mostly mechanical weathering and oxidation. Mechanical weathering is the process of using natural elements to break apart rocks into sediment. Since the Blackland Prairie is mostly hills and leveled land,the wind weathers the small rocks and other sediment there. It is also weathered by the cute animals that live in the area. Oxidation is the combination of a substance with oxygen. Oxidation happens when oxygen molecules in water mix with iron molecules in rocks which makes a rusty coating on the rocks. When the coating is removed and the process happens again and again the rocks will eventually break apart.

Erosion in this exraordinary ecorgion

Erosion is the process of being eroded by wind,water,or other things in nature. Since the Blackland Prairie has very fertile soil it is easily eroded by wind. And the ground is mostly made up of clay so it is easily eroded by water.

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Tannin. "Rabbit erosion.jpg" erosion 'wikipedia' Jan.17 2001


Deposition is the process in which sediment is laid down in new locations. Soil and other minerals are deposited in the Blackland Prairie. The soil and minerals got there because they were carried there on the wind or in the water.

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Poon,Wing-Chi. "The glacier transports many boulders downstream.As the glacier retreats,these rocks were deposited along the route." deposition 'wikipedia' Aug. 31 2006

Plants in the prairie

There are a variety of plants in the Blackland Prairie. Some of the trees are post oak,blackjack oak,American elm,winged elm,cedar elm,sugarberry,green ash,etc. It has a different number of grasses. Some grasses are perennial while other grasses are annual. Long ago early settlers went there because of the amazing grasslands.

Rivers and fishing

Three of the most popular rivers in the Blackland Prairie are the Red River,Brazos River,and the Trinity River. In these rivers you could go fishing. Some fish you could catch are Bass,Crappie,Trout,Steelhead,Bluegill,Catfish,Salmon,Browns,and many more.

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Somma,Ryan. "Channel catfish" catfish 'wikipedia' July 3 2009