Cottonwood Elementary Upper Grades


Upcoming Events

Cottonwood Elementary Christmas Program

Wednesday, Dec. 11th, 10am

55 East 200 South

Orangeville, UT

We will be having our annual Christmas Program Wednesday December 11 at 10:00am and 6:30pm at the Elementary. The evening program will

Class Christmas Parties

Thursday, Dec. 19th, 2pm

55 East 200 South

Orangeville, UT

Class Christmas Parties will be held Thursday December 19 in the afternoon.

Half Day

Friday, Dec. 20th, 11pm

55 East 200 South

Orangeville, UT

Friday December 20 is a half day of school. School will begin at 8:25 and end at 11:30pm, lunch will not be served. School buses will run their regular routes.

Mrs. Tuttle-Writing

The students have been working on informational reports. The 5th grade wrote a report on turkeys, 4th grade wrote about Wampanoag Indians, and 3rd grade wrote about Pilgrims. Before the Thanksgiving break, they shared their reports with the other grades. The students are now working on a report that they have chosen a subject to become an expert in. They are learning some amazing facts and I am sure they would love to share them with you. Plan on spending a day with an expert when they finish the reports!

Mrs. Alton-Reading

We have been working on identifying the main idea and supporting details of various passages. As your child is reading at home, please have them identify to you the main idea and details of what they're reading. Have them review the text to text; text to self; and text to world connections.

Mrs. Taney-Math