Jesus Chirst

Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is not a soldier, president, or war hero. Jesus is a savior. He was crucified (nailed arms and legs onto a cross). Before every time you made a sin (doing something bad on purpose) you had to make a sacrifice depending on how bad the sin was. When Jesus got crucified you no longer have to make a sacrifice anymore. God is always ready to forgive you for your sins. Jesus never sinned once in his life. Jesus is the son of God.

Jesus is alive!

You can't prove Jesus exists. You also can't prove he doesn't exist. Just because you read things on the internet about he's not alive doesn't mean he's not alive. Jesus IS alive.

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Top questions asked

When was Jesus born?

Jesus was born on December 25, 1 BC (Before Christ) knows as Christmas

When did Jesus die?

Jesus died on March 27, 26 AD (After Death) known as Easter

When did Jesus resurrect?

Jesus resurrected (came back to life) on March 30, AD 26