JamPlay Review: Are They The Best?

Learn Guitar from World Class Teachers

Jam Play: Guitar Playing Made Easy

First things first, you don’t have to sign up to learn guitar. There are plenty of free videos out there on YouTube, including some great teachers. HOWEVER, what is tough to duplicate is the organizing of a site such as this. You literally can choose any level any style and learn exactly at your own pace.

There are millions of people who love to play guitar and they all have one thing in common – they all had to learn from someone. This is a fact of life and for a lot of people it means having to pay for one to one lessons with a trained teacher. If this is something you can’t do – it might be too expensive or too inconvenient you need another way.

Online Guitar Lessons

Jamplay is an innovative online learning course which will teach you how to play the guitar. It is perfect for players of any level from total novices to skilled players who are just looking to tune up their skills. In other words, if you want to learn it on the guitar, you will be able to when you sign up for this online course.

Each and every lesson has been created with ease of learning in mind. If you are a beginner you will go through a three phase learning program:

Phase 1 – Beginner Lessons. Here you will learn all about the basics of playing the guitar including technique, tuning, elementary chords and posturing. These will teach you from the very start, assuming you have never played before. So if you were worried that you would need a little experience – you don’t!

Phase 2 – Genre Guitar Lessons. Here you will be able to learn in more detail about a particular genre of music, lessons will cover the skills and techniques within this genre. You can progress on this once you have completed Phase 1. Or if you are already experienced, you can jump straight into this phase and start learning even more.

Phase 3 – Song Lessons. Here you will be able to request various songs to our teachers and they will take you through how to play it. With this kind of learning you will be able to pick up your guitar and play the song of your choice.

JamPlay: Hawkeye Herman Blues Guitar Lesson

Learn at Your Pace

Anyone who has taken guitar lessons will tell you that it can be tough to go at the pace of their teacher. You find yourself in a situation where you need to go over certain aspects of learning, but you don’t want to keep paying for lessons that you repeat.

As you can see from this Jamplay review you can learn at your own pace and not have to pay for additional lessons. You just watch the lesson again until you have mastered a technique, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. You only move on when you feel comfortable to do so.

Amazing Features

In addition to all of the fantastic videos from more than 70 teachers you will also be able to enjoy the following features:

  • Full screen videos in HD, to give you crystal clear pictures which are easy to view. To see any video in full screen size just resize it, there is no loss of quality by doing this, so get even more from larger monitor screens.
  • A-B Looping which will enable you to choose two points in any video and repeat them in a loop. Doing this can help you to master a particular section in a video. Being able to watch the videos as many times as you like is also very useful.
  • Video Bookmarks – these allow you to make your own bookmark, with titles and return to that point any time you want to. So if you run into difficulties or if you want to practise something again these are ideal.
  • Print Ready Sheets – with so much learning material that can be printed off and used alongside the lessons you don’t want to find yourself getting them print ready. The teachers know this and have done the hard work for you. If you want to print off chord charts, song tabs or anything else just press print and you will get it in the right format.
  • 24 /7 access to all lessons which is great news for people who want to play when they have spare time, which isn’t always during ‘normal’ teaching hours.
  • More than 70 teachers, some of whom are recording artists. These include – Bubblefoot, Kris Norris, Steve Smyth, Trace Bundy and Kaki King. More new videos by recording artists are added each month, so you can learn to play like a pro with the pros!

Phase One Beginner Guitar Lessons Using Jamplay

As the name might imply, Jamplay’s Phase 1 section is designed for the complete beginner and features everything that the first time guitar player needs to know about starting the guitar.

The lessons actually start before you even pick up the guitar, with some of the fifteen or so teachers going through warm up and posture exercises prior to settling down and starting the serious business of nailing those first few techniques.

And technique is the key word here when we discuss Phase 1. The majority of the teachers concentrate their first lessons on things like holding the guitar properly, fingering the strings, and using the pick. Tuning the guitar correctly, either with the ear or an electronic tuner is also given a lot of attention; for the simple reason that you’ll never sound good if you’re not in tune.

This is the stuff that beginner guitar lessons are made of, and there is an awful lot of it on offer. As mentioned, there are a lot of guitar teachers to choose from, and they all have something truly unique to offer. Peter Einhorn, for example, has over fifty years of experience with the instrument, while Steve Eulenberg has put together a set of lessons for children.

A kids section is an important feature that is often overlooked by a lot of guitar sites, and parents know the difficulty of finding a guitar teacher who is good at teaching children’s songs. Too many guitarists nowadays overlook the fun that can be had playing “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Old McDonald”.

For those looking for something a little different, Jessica Baron has uploaded a series of lessons on beginning the guitar in Open G tuning. While it might sound strange to those who might have learned and played for years through standard tuning, her video lesson explaining her reasoning and the advantages to learning the guitar in an open tuning first make for an interesting tutorial.

In the main, however, the lessons tend to veer toward the standard that you’ll find with most guitar teachers, each one providing lessons on things like holding chords, fingerpicking, strumming, and riffs. Because each of the teachers has their preferred genre, it’s interesting to browse around and see what you can find if you’d like to try something different.

Orville Johnson, for example, has listed his preferred genre as bluegrass/folk, so in his second or third lesson there is a tutorial on flatpicking. Over in David Anthony’s section then, there are early lessons on dominant and minor 7ths. His preferred genre? Jazz, unsurprisingly.

The one criticism that could be leveled at the Jamplay Phase 1 section is that most of the teachers put off learning actual songs until intermediate level in Phase 2. This is despite the fact that a lot of the techniques in Phase 1 would actually be considered intermediate in themselves by most teachers.

The argument for concentrating so much on technique at the start is that the good habits acquired early will stand to the student in the future, but this is to overlook the fact that people buy the guitar to learn songs, not to practice scales. Fun should always be the name of the game.

That said, there is nothing to stop someone from taking in a lesson on basic chords in Phase 1 and then skipping over to Phase 2 to learn a song that uses those same basic chords. That’s the cool thing about Jamplay.

Minor ideological quibbles aside, Phase 1 is full of useful lessons and helpful tips to get the outright beginner holding the guitar in their lap and playing their first notes. Even if you have been playing for a while, it’s worth checking this section out because there is sure to something there that you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to before. This is the best place to start.


Jamplay is certainly a top-notch guitar learning system and a leader in online guitar lessons. Try the service on by clicking here and check for online coupons in order to save more money while learning to play your favorite instrument.