About Me!

By: Gunreet Gill

My Lifeline

Who am I?

My name is Gunreet Gill, I am currently 16 years old and I attend the school Louise Arbor Secondary School. I was born in a little village in India called Ajanala, once I was 5 years old my parents, my little brother and I moved to Brampton in Canada. The first school I attended once I came to Canada was Larkspur Public School, I remember it was hard making new friends because of the language barrier but I kept watching television shows on the channel Tree House and I started to speak English. My interests are video games, space, soccer and swimming, I enjoy playing soccer with my friends outside, my main role when we are playing is defender because I am really good at getting the ball from people, I am usually left defense. I also enjoy swimming, its really fun and relaxing, sometimes just laying down in the water just wants to make u fall asleep. I am really interested in space like if there is any life out in space or are there any plants like earth. I've read an article that NASA has discovered a planet made of water with the space telescope called Kepler. I enjoy playing video games a lot, my friends and I play this one game called Call of Duty Black Ops 3, its a game about being in the army and shooting people, we can versus each other online and it gets really competitive.

My Favourite things

I have a lot of favourite things! But my favourite thing to do is play soccer with my friends. My next favourite thing is the game console PS4. I like playing video games on it with my friends. Lastly, another thing I love to do is swimming. I've taken swimming lessons and I am good at swimming, I like to just relax in the water and think.

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is Joiner! This means:

  • I don't like to lead
  • Work as a team
  • Decisions are made by all team members
  • I act as a Spokesperson

My Influences

My main influence is my older cousin, Supreet! She is the smartest person I know, and the kindest too. Supreet is hardworking, which influences me to work harder! She is in university right now studying to become a dentist. She has taught me a lot when I was younger, she also walked me to school and helped me out as a younger brother. She was always there for me but once we moved I didn't get to see her much but she still influenced me to try my best and work harder.

Role Model

My role model is my dad. My dad is a really brave and enthusiastic person. He pushes me to do my best and helps me out. He has also pushed me to try new things and pushed me out being shy. He has taught me that the outcome doesn't matter but having the courage to start does. He would tell me this when I didn't want to try something new.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Style - Auditory-Kinaesthetic Learner

Personality - ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

Interests - A person who contracts to do work according to his or her own processes and methods

Knowledge - Mathematics

Motivations - Working Conditions

Occupations - Pilot, Aerospace Engineering Technician, and Biomedical Engineer.

Left v Right Brain - 73% Left brain and 36% Right Brain

True Colours - Gold


The test that was most accurate or helpful in helping me determine what I wanted was the motivations test on myblueprint. This test was the most accurate because it told me what motivates me and what job would be right for me. After thinking about it what the test resulted was true, I would prefer a job, any job that pays well and is in the right working conditions for me.

The test that was least helpful was the true colours test. I think this test was the least helpful because this test didn't ask specific question and I was only one point higher to be the colour gold. Also this test didn't seem like it was going to help me in the future because my strengths and my characteristics could of changed as I grow. Lastly, I had some traits from different colours that are my characteristics.

My four strengths are Supportive, Hard working, Cooperative, and Imaginative and strategic mind. I am supportive because I help out my classmates if they ask and I am a good helper. I also like to share my knowledge with others, if they need help on the situation. An example where I am supportive would be in math class because I usually finish my work early and I help out my friends with their math work. I am hard working because when it comes to homework and school projects I work on them first and play video games later, I sometimes get off track but I always finish my work and I put a lot of effort into my work. An example where I am hard working is when working on school projects, I take my time and work on it with all my effort. I am cooperative because If I need help I try to work on it by myself and if I can't solve it then I ask others for help. Also If others need my help I cooperate with them to help them out. Not only do I use this strength for school work but when I am playing online team games I try to cooperate with them to meet our objective. Lastly, I am Imaginative and have a strategic mind. I am very curious and always up for a challenge to cross the requirements. An example for strategic mind is whenever there is a challenging question in my math or science homework I always attempt to do it even if I'm not fully correct. After I ask for help to see if its correct.

My four weaknesses are that I am judgemental, my spelling, too helpful, and my laziness! I am judgemental which is having too much confidence in my ideas, and saying others are wrong, which can end up in a bad way because you can't always be correct. An example is when I am in an argument I always think I am right even though some of the things I say turn out to be wrong. My spelling is another weakness, I am bad at spelling and even if I try to sound out the words it will still be wrong. Furthermore, I am too helpful, If people ask me for help, I drop my work and help them out which makes me fall behind. In media arts I was ahead of everyone and I was doing work perfectly but others needed a lot of help, so they asked and I helped them out, I didn't get to finish my work so I was behind. Lastly, I am very lazy, It may be because I just don't like working out and all I want to do is play video games but I do enjoy playing soccer a lot. Its still not enough.

From all the tests something did surprise me about my self. But I tend to not rely on these quizzes because as I grow my motivations, personality, characteristics will change and the quizzes would say different things about me. Even though some are true about me right now but they will change later.