the pillar of Islam

Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. Those who have wealth at the end of the year, after paying for their own needs, must donate a percentage of it to the poor and needy. The percentage depends on many factors but is basically 2.5 % of your savings at the end of the year.

Why and when do Muslims practice this pillar?

Muslims practice this pillar to help the poor and needy in their community and protect themselves from sin.

Muslims preform this at the end of the Islamic calender every year.

Interesting Facts:

  • People who give Zakat must be a Muslim, adult, sane, free and has extra money beyond whats needed to survive.
  • People who receive it may be someone with minimal or no wealth or resources, slaves, Muslim converts, wayfarers, and soldiers fighting a just war to defend the Muslim Community.
  • The literal meaning of Zakat is purification. In this sense it means purification of one's wealth and of one's soul.
  • The word Zakat appears in the Quran 32 times.

Making a connection

One can say that this Pillar relates to life because to a person with more money, it is morally encouraged to give charity to those who need it. If people with extra money gave to those with little money it would help a community or economy greatly.