DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 7

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Read-Aloud Tip for Families - Vary Your Rhythm

Have fun with the language in your book. During suspenseful sections, slow down, and let the suspense build. During a particularly meaningful moment, pause and let the impact settle. During emotion-packed scenes, drop your voice to a whisper. When you are reading aloud, you are performing the story. Authors don't want their stories performed in monotone!

Chapter 7: Harper's Not Happy

In Chapter 7, Gavin had witnessed something while out on a walk with Carlotta and the culprit finds out. Gavin deals with the fallout from this situation.

Chapter 7: Vocabulary Terms

  • "light at the end of the tunnel" (pg 88) - a sign that a time of difficulty is nearing an end
  • routine (pg 88) - steps that are regularly followed
  • snooty (pg 88) - showing the feeling of superiority
  • shifty (pg 90) - dishonest or appearing to avoid
  • reserved (pg 91) - saved, set aside for
  • glum (pg 91) - sad
  • hulky (pg 94) - large, muscular
  • spared (pg 97) - saved

Chapter 7: Trivia Questions

  1. Who is the snooty girl who gets upset at Gavin and Richard for talking in line?
  2. Where was Harper during recess?
  3. Where do all the benched kids have to go after school?
  4. Who saves Gavin during his confrontation with Harper in the park?
  5. What does the boy who saved Gavin give to him?

Chapter 7: Discussion Questions

  1. Gavin tells himself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. What does that mean?
  2. Why do you think the tall kid with the dog names Yankee helped Gavin when he was being bullied by Harper? Why were his actions so surprising?

Family Activity: It's the Law

Aunt Myrtle tells Gavin that picking up your dog's poop is the law. Research this law in your state and see what the punishment is for not following it. What other pet laws are there in your community? Are there laws about allowing a dog to bark or letting an animal roam free outside?


Use the BINGO card as another family activity!
Big picture

"Don't forget to take Carlotta's Chew-Chew...When she gets sidetracked sniffing at everything, just coax her away with this." (pg 59) Aunt Myrtle talking about how she's going to get Carlotta to do her business by changing her food.