Poems around the Globe

What Poems are made up of


Do you know what a poem is made up of? There are a ton of different poems in the world that come from different cultures or subjects. There is a ton of figurative language, structure,form,and word choice in poems like “Sleeping in the Forest” and “Ode to Enchanted Light” to express the meaning of it and create a lesson for us to learn. Sometimes different authors have different attitudes towards different subjects that they write about. In this case it is about nature, sometimes the poet feels happy about nature or sometimes they feel disgusted by it. Everyone's feelings vary depending on what they feel like about what they're talking about in the poem.


As you can see, there are many different things like figurative language, tone,structure,form, and attitude that make up a poem like “Ode to Enchanted Light” and “sleeping in the Forest”. Also, the author's style is a big part of the poem, so you can get an idea of what's it about and how they feel about that specific subject. All in all, every poem has a theme or message that it's about, likewise the poem “ode to Enchanted Light” is mostly about how she thinks nature is such a beautiful place to be and the world is overflowing with beauty . Poems are enjoyable things to read and there are a lot of different ones around the world about different things and places, it all just is based on what you like to read about. So, what poem will you read next?