This flyer will show you to consever enrgy and money by...

Using Water That You'll Need

To conserve money and household water is to only use one glass to drink whatever beverage you desire to drink. Meaning that instead of drinking a drink and putting your cup in the sink to wash, reuse it and see if it makes a difference in your hydro bill and the earth.
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What Appropriate Time Shall We Use The Dishwasher

The average dishwasher in a household uses on average is 6 GALLONS of water "per cycle"

Energy-Star dishwasher use 4 GALLONS of water per cycle energy use ranges from 1.59 kWh per load down to 0.87 kWh per load. By reading this you should know that only 3% of earth is made up of fresh water. By handing washing your dishes and only using the dishwasher when guest are over or holiday dinners will not only save you a lot of cash but save more water on earth fresh water resources. So by simple switching your dishwasher to an energy star dishwasher save 2 gallons of water is a start by multiple 2 gallons by every household in North America IS A BIG CHANGE!!!

Instead Of Using Water Bottles Use Reuseable Water Bottle To Reduce Plastic Pollution

Each year we as human spend over about $100 billion a year on water bottles The City of Ottawa, for example, conducts more than 125,000 water quality tests a year. Toronto tests water samples every four to six hours and checks for more than 300 potential chemical contaminants. Now we find it easier if we just go to our local grocery store to buy a 24 case of water for $1.00.So by instead of going to a soccer game with a water bottle by a reuse able water bottle that's not costing use money made from non oil based chemical based bottle.
The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

Tips On Saving Water In Our Bathrooms

60% of our water used in our homes comes from of bathroom. Now that is a big percentage of your water that our homes consuming. This adds up all the dripping taps, long showers,bathing in hot water, and running the tap while brushing your teeth. No ones perfect and I know I still do some of these this and if only takes for us to simply turn of the tap while brushing your teet, make sure that the pipe is not dripping simply if we all did these things were saving the worlds fresh water and money. By letting that tap run that adds up, just think of as watching your money being wasted dripping into nothing. Now this 60% of water consumed in our bathrooms now that 60% is multiplyed by all the homes in lets say Toronto let alone in the whole of Canada. It's simply take for us to do these thing your saving money to go to other things and your saving our earth.

Concluding Statement and Diagram Explanation

These three pictures show not only facts but smart ideas. What I mean by this is that the third picture, each day some one finds a way to save water inside there house and out. I've been seeing more of these rain filters, which stores the water that fall onto your roof and people reuse this water to water their grass and some people would even wash their cars with this reuseable water which save you money instear of turing your house on and wasting way more water than you need. Now their thousand of people that don't fresh water and their disposale like we Canadians ans Americans. That water we waste and think that its nothing not only cost more money but the more were consuming it the more we won't have left. Now I've ginen some good facts and tips on how to reduce the amount of water we use daily and how much we use, the waste of water and what the water drops we waste could with that water and much more help fact. Help keep our world and homes safer and cleaner.