Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

September 22nd through September 26th

The students had so much fun this past week with our latest social studies project! We have been learning about the world around us and using new locations words. The students each made a little flip book that highlights their street, their town, their state, their country, their continent and their earth. These adorable little books are hanging in the classroom. Take a minute to check them out! We have been flying through our reading units and are officially done with letter recognition by sight! We will be spending a large chunk of time working on the sounds the letters make now and using them to create words. Please continue practicing the Fry sight word list. We have had three students earn their piece of candy so far! The students created math counting books that had an autumn theme. It was really exciting to mix math and writing together. I will be trying to do more of this in the upcoming weeks. Our garden is blooming and looking gorgeous. The students love going outside and pulling the weeds. We have also been wrapping up our "what is a scientist" unit". They are getting better and better at their critical thinking and conversation skills! Also, thank you all so much for the birthday love! It has been a very special day. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!