Teaching to Learn

Researching Skills and Information

Defining Our Researching Skills

Let's face it- our generation has become a little lazy in the research department. A quick trip to Google can take us to a blip with an immediate answer. No links, articles, or reading required. However, in order to be effective, efficient, and meaningful researchers, we have to take our researching skills to the next level. How do we find valid and reliable information? What are the best sites, searches or routes to gain knowledge that we can successfully integrate into our writing.

Teaching the 5th Grade

Taking on the Teacher Role

We retain 90% of what we teach to others. Therefore, your task is to design a lesson about effective and reliable research to teach to a fifth grader in the elementary.

The Steps to Get Us There

1. As students, we first have to learn how to do effective, valid and reliable research. We will do this through in class exploration, research, and discussion.

2. Next, we will apply our understanding of the method by creating a lesson to present to a fifth grade student.

3. The lesson can be presented on Google Slides, Screencastify or any other program approved by Mrs. B.

4. In your lesson, you must provide the following information with a final task for your fifth grader to test: reasoning behind having good research, steps necessary to complete good research, tips to finding effective research and finally, how to integrate into your activity.