by:Jenna Meek


Mexico was controlled by Spain until 1821 when they gained their independence. They are now not controlled by any other country. Their main language is Spanish.
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The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. 2 other major cities are Guadalajara because it's the second biggest city., and Monterrey because it's the chief city.

Mexico is located in southern North America.

3 physical features in Mexico are:

•Sierra madre accidental

• Golfo de California

•Madre de sur

Why should you come visit?

Everyone should come visit Mexico because of their beautiful physical features and to come see the historical objects and culture that they still have.

When you come visit Mexico make sure to visit:


Mexico has a federal republic government. Their leader is Enrique Peña Nieto. Mexico is on good terms as well between all the countries they trade with.

The currency in Mexico is Mexican peso. They have an capitalism economic system.

They import

-broadcasting accessories

- telephones

-machine parts

They come from US, China, Japan, Germany, and South Korea.

They export:

-crude petroleum



-tropical fruits

-computers/video displays

They export these things to US, Spain, Canada, and China