No Turning Back By: Joanne Lees

By: Emily Crisp

Norms (Research)

In Australia, Australians always greet people by shaking there hands and saying good morning or good afternoon. When younger people (like children) are meetings adults they always say Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Miss. If friends are meeting they usually hug or make jokes. Australians also respect their friends and family they don't know what they would do without them. The australians norms are much like Americans

Norms (Book)

In my novel No Turning Back by: Joanne Lees she represents norms by talking about how much she loves her family and how she wants to get to know Pete's. She also talks very polite to the people that she meets along the way on her trips which, she ends up becoming very close friends and starts traveling with them. For example "They were very friendly and invited me to stay with them when i reached Australia." (Lees 7). She respected people along the way back to Australia and by that she gained close friendships which are very important to her.

Language (Research)

English is the national language for Australia. English is taught in all schools. Idioms make Australian English different from English spoken elsewhere. For example, Spot on means “Right on.” A prang is a “problem.” If someone is sick, he or she is crook. Friends may refer to each other as mate. Also australians shorten words for everyday conversation like kindy (kindergarten), telly (television), footy (football) and mum (mom).

Language (Book)

In the novel No Turning Back by Joanne Lees there are many examples of the Australian Language. She uses the word mate she also uses mum in the novel. For example "My mum was everything to me and we were a team" (Lees 1). She was referring to how grateful she is for her mum always being there for her even thought her father wasn't.

Values (Research)

Australia's value equality, freedom and respect. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to be equal no matter their gender, race, background ect. They also think that everyone needs freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They also value respect and self-respect a lot. If you don't respect yourself no one else will & you also need to respect others for them to respect you.

Values (Book)

In my novel Joanne values herself she has a lot of self-respect also she knows what she wants and she is confident and motivated to do whats right for herself. She said "I was a grown woman capable of making decisions and making my own choices" (Lees 31). She knows how to do wants right for herself so she doesn't want other people to make choices for her.

Symbols (Research)

Some symbols that represent Australia is the Australian flag. The flag was created September 1, 1901. The flag includes the Southern Cross, Union Flag and Commonwealth Star. Another symbol would be the National Colors which are green and gold. The green and gold represents the national team colors.

Symbols (Book)

In my novel one of the main symbols is the Sydney Australia courthouse.This is one of the main ones because thats were Joanne spent most of her time after Petes murder."On Monday the 17th of October the trial began at the Darwin Supreme Court" (Lees 112). She spent months and months in that courthouse trying to investigate who murder her husband.