Second Grade Newsletter

September 16th

Upcoming Events

September 17th - Mother/Son Event (Top Golf)

September 28th - Culver's Night @ 5-8pm

October 4th - PTA Meeting @ 6:30pm

October 13th - PTA-Sponsored Movie Night 7-9pm

October 14th - NO SCHOOL

October 21st - Haunted Hallways 5:30-6:15pm

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Next Week's Curriculum Spotlight

Spelling: Lesson #5 (Lesson: 2 ee's stick together)

Writing/grammar: Continue handwriting (Ff & Gg) & Begin personal narratives

Reading: Just Plain Fancy - asking questions to identify key ideas & details (focus: theme/moral)

Math: Begin Topic 4 - Place Value (Focus: skip counting & even and odd numbers)

Social Studies: Importance of the Pledge of Allegiance

Next Week's Spelling Lesson

Lesson #5

Focus: Long vowel /ee/, 2 -e's stick together











*Cheater words - Doesn't always follow the "rules".


"We live here on this street," said both men.

"They need some help," said the three small kids.

Odds & Ends

Parent Information Night: Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out! If you'd like to review the presentation, or if you weren't able to make it, click here to view the slideshow.

Class T-shirts: Second grade class t-shirts are now available for $7. Order forms went home this week in the Daily Folders. If you need an additional copy of the order form, please click here. Order forms are due September 27th.

Sight Word Lists: Each quarter we assess the students on reading a list of common words, also known as sight words. For more information and a list of the words, please click here: Monthly Sight Word Lists.