Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

Song 1: Forget You - Cee Lo Green

Elizabeth admits she is no longer in love with Wickham when she finds out he left her for a wealthier woman. She dismisses both Wickham and his new "interest"


Cee Lo Green - Forget You

Song 2: No - Meghan Trainor

Elizabeth rejects Darcy simply with a harsh "NO" saying, "you are the last person that could make me happy."

1:10 - 1:15

Meghan Trainor - NO

Song 3: Hey Pretty Girl - Kip Moore

The second attempt at proposing that Darcy tries is much more thought out and heartfelt than the first attempt.

0:11 - 0:30

Kip Moore - Hey Pretty Girl

Song 4: Here Comes the Bride

This is the song that I imagine plays in Mrs. Bennet's head when she found out Lydia was getting married. She went from being angry and worried about her daughter to immediate joy because all she wants is for her daughters to get married and Lydia was the first of the Bennet sisters to announce her engagement.
here comes the bride wedding song