Electronic Tattoos

By Ashley and Ebonee

Electronic Tattoos

A monitor that can go everywhere you go; so thin, light and it attaches to your skin just like a tattoo. These Electronic tattoos could revolutionize the health care technology world.

The technology and how it works.

Electronic tattoos attaches to the skin like a skin like tattoo that you get out of a machine. It is made up of silicon wires and also includes flexible circuits. It can measure the electrical activity in the human body as in the heart, the brain waves, and other vital signs.

What need this technology is fulfilling.

These tattoos are fulfilling the needs of not using passwords on your cellphone. Just by holding your phone close to your body while wearing the tattoo can automatically open your cellphone. You now don’t have to use a password on your phone or eve attempt to unlock it because automatically the tattoo sends waves to your phone to know it’s you.

How this technology can be used to help businesses.

You don’t have to use a lot of complicated wiring like you use to check the heart or lungs in the doctor’s office. Unlike the adhesives on electrode patch which cause rashes, the tattoo is easy to come off. The tattoos help businesses save a lot of money from getting new equipment.

How this technology can be used to help humans.

The electronic tattoo can help monitor health through normal daily routines. It can be helpful to monitor the surface of the skin, as in case of surgical wounds. It keeps up with your body temperature and heartbeat. This can help you keep up with your help on a regular basis instead of going to the doctor constantly.

Safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view.

The info that the tattoo can tell about each individual person; how healthy, sick, injured or if that person is pregnant or not. Here’s an example, say you’re a soldier and you get captured during a war by the enemy then your capture could probably tell where you’re weakest and hurt you to get you to tell Military secrets or if you’re lying to protect those secrets.

My thoughts on the life of the technology (how long will it last- when will it become obsolete?)

If things go the right way then Electronic tattoos could last very well last forever but if there are bugs or safety failures then it might only last one-ten year, or less.

What is the cost of the technology?

I couldn’t find a price in money for the Electronic tattoo which means they plan to just start giving them out at birth or that the price hasn’t been decided, it may just mean that the tattoos still aren’t out for the public to get; as for the privacy the price is high if someone was able to hack the electronic tattoo’s memory and give the info to someone that might want to harm the person who was hacked, then there could be problems. Social price might not be so high once it’s gotten put on everyone but for the first few people that get the tattoo they might be looked down upon for having such a strange device or odd looking tattoo; so the social price is an if-situation. Finely there’s the physical cost, which doesn’t seem that high from what I’ve seen and what I’ve read; if what they say is true that it’s just like a temporary tattoo then the physical concern shouldn’t even be there. It should make it safer; since it doesn’t require the skin to be cut and it’s flexible for your skin so that should make it more comfortable.