Video Games

Kyle Lundgren


in order there to be a game is it needs a title. a title is a name for the game to tell a friend the title and search for. And every game has a title

Artistry Of Creating

when all the programming is done the story is done and the soundtrack is done and theres none thing else to do but make what it looks like. the look of a game is BIG part of the game and you need it so you can see what it looks like


in video games when you play with none thing to hear its pretty boring. in video games what music does it brings the feeling of the moment like if you walking the woods with scary music well you may be scary.


for a story to work for a video game there has to be a problem and you need to solve it. first you need a back story for characters and characters need penalties and feels


A game will not work without programming is the most important thing for a game. this needs 3 things software engineer, programmer or a computer scientist.