Bird is the Word

This is what's STATpening

Enjoy the "convention", hon!


Action Teams meet Monday, October 19th.

Have you chosen your professional plan?

  • Bird U for 1 MSDE credit
  • Bird U w/o an MSDE credit
  • Digital Learning University OR
  • attending the PD on 4th Monday of the month

If you will be attending the PD on October 26th...YOU CAN CHOOSE

I will be facilitating a "ghost" walk through classrooms after school to look again at how space can foster collaboration and communication among students.


JESS WEAVER AND ALI LEDERER will also be offering their Flipped Learning PD that day.

We have experts in the building. If you would like to offer a PD, these Mondays are where it's at. We would love for you share your knowledge with the rest of us...let me know if you are interested!

Wixie, Tiles, Turn-Ins, Padlet, Edmodo...are all still hot topics!

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Our official acceptance...

Microsoft Showcase School Survey Completion

Thank you Joppa View ES school for filling out the Showcase School Survey. We are excited to have you included in the 2015-2016 Showcase School Program! The official announcements and kickoff to the 2015-2016 program starts November 16, 2015 – so hold tight for a little bit.

However in the meantime, we want to invite you to

· Join the Showcase School Leadership Community through Yammer (invitation sent separately).

· Add the attached logo/banner to your schools digital signage (i.e. schools website and/or staff email signatures)

· Join the Microsoft in Education social media advocacy community at

Coming in November

· Official announcement / Welcome letter

· Social Media / PR announcements and templates

· Showcase School Playbook which will outline the entire program, activities, and opportunities

· Invitations to the Microsoft EduCasts (previously known as Virtual Universities)

o Every month, we will meet as a Showcase Schools’ community to discuss the latest topics in education, technology solutions and best practices. These sessions will be driven by you, for you. All sessions will involve pre-reading and some simple preparatory activities and some post activities

CONGRATULATIONS on your selection as a Microsoft Showcase School. With limited spaces and high interest, the 2015-2016 Showcase Schools represent the very best practice in learning transformation On behalf of the worldwide Microsoft in Education team, we are excited to be a part of your journey in creating an environment that fosters 21st century learning and innovative teaching practices.


Mark Sparvell, Microsoft Corporation Worldwide School Audience Lead

Tracy Christenson, Showcase Schools Program Manager

Byron Garrett, US Showcase School Lead

My Goal Setting for the Week

By the end of the year, I will learn how to properly use the walkie-talkie. I will have 3 consecutive, successful communications without any breaking up in between by holding down the button and then speaking into it.