Electrical Timers

Electrical timers do help diminish our carbon footprint.

What is it?

This is an electrical timer. Electrical timers are a timer that you basically time how long you want your lights for your Christmas lights you put outside or somethings like that on and one the time is over it stops the lights and doesn't waste energy. You could buy it at the Home Depot either online or in the actual store.

How does it diminish your carbon footprint?

Electrical timers have many reasons why it could diminish your carbon footprint. It doesn't waste energy because for example, if you have Christmas lights outside, there is a slight chance that you might accidentally leave the lights on throughout the night than you just wasted a lot of energy, but If you use the electrical timers, the problem won't happen since if you just set up the time to eight o'clock, then the lights would turn off at eight o'clock because the electrical timers turn off and no energy is being wasted.

Why is it wise for families to implement?

Electrical timers have many reasons why it is wise for families to implement. They are luckily, not that expensive because it is in the range of only twenty dollars. It is user friendly because it is easy to use since all you have to do is set the time.