February 1- February5

Weekly Announcements!

Happy Monday!

  • Happy Conference Week! Please let me know if you need assistance with contacting families. We want to help you talk to your most critical kiddos. It is really important to let families know the status of their child's academic standing. Send me the names of any kiddos you want me to attend with you around academics, behavior or anything else.
  • Please adhere to your schedules. Set your clocks for time commitments. Everyone is a little more stressed and teamwork is essential to survive this week!
  • STAFF MEETING TUESDAY: I would like to share the latest elementary plan for next year. We will meet Tuesday instead of Friday. LRC 7:30 please be timely.
  • Mr. Holmes visiting on Friday. He is coming to the PTO Meeting. Just an FYI :) He may want to visit classrooms too :)

February Birthdays!

Christopher Sanchez - 25th

Ivette Sanchez - 25th

National Counselor Appreciation Week!

This week is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing our wonderful, amazingly awesome counselor Ms. Dominguez! I had the pleasure of attending her yearly symposium with her on Friday.You know first hand the impact she has on learning and kiddos overall well-being. On Friday, we will honor her by titling our day,

"Superhero Counselor Day...our change agent!"

Please wear you superhero t'shirt and encourage your kiddos to so the same to honor her contributions to US!!!

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