The secret life of Walter Mitty

Taylor Venezia

Using the text structure in the story shows us Walter Mitty is characterized as not being able to stand up for himself.
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Walter is scared of his wife and cant talk back to her.

When they were in the plane she told to put his gloves on and was nagging him about them. He pulled them out of his pocket and put them on.
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Walter cant talk back to the guy who fixes his chains.

Walter cant talk back because he feels intimidated by the guy because he was yelling at Walter and he couldnt stand up for himself he was to scared
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Walter Mitty is also scared of the parking lot attendant.

Mitty backs the buick into the wrong lane and and Mitty doesnt talk back he just mutters under his breathe gee, yeh. The attendent told Mitty to leave it there and Mitty didnt hesitate to say no.
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Those are a few eamples of how text structure determines Walter Mittys characteristics.