Raising a Child

By: Ruby Munoz

The Perfect Parent

A perfect parent to me is a parent who gives their child a reward for doing good in school or anything that pleases them. Also makes them go to school and do good but gives you free time.

My Parenting Style

In my opinion, I think that both American and Chinese parenting, (Western and Eastern) can be used to have a perfect or successful child.


Maybe This Will Help....

From Two Resources...

one of the short clips titled,"Parental Guidence", shows how a grandaughter plays the violin and she doesn't play good enough for her teacher, but it will make her perfect later if she keeps on practicing. In the article, Chinese Mothers vs. Western Mothers: Is There a Mother Superior?, shows how Western Mothers are probably too tired and frusturated working with their kids who dont want to learn...but that is with some kids.