Colonial America

By Yael Gaspar

Main claim

People emigrated from England to colonial America because they would have a better life because they got paid more, they would live cheaper because they can have better houses etc., and they wanted to change the way they lived before.

Colonial America

Colonial paragraph

There were many reasons for migrating to the American colonies, they moved for better jobs, more money, and to live a better life. According to document 2," people who work with their hands... their labor will be worth more than it is in England and their living will be cheaper." People like farmers and day laborer will get paid more and their labor would be worth more than in England. Document 4 explains that," The Puritans went to England to serve their lord and to be safe from the evil world". The leader and his followers of the Puritans came to England to get away from the evil world and to help their lord. As seen in document 5," They wanted to be rid of growing and incalculable exactions of the government; they wanted to own land it was this last motive. The people wanted their condition to be better. They wanted to get away from the governments rules and wanted to own land. They moved to have a better life and get paid more for their work.