How to use MHS Library Curbside Check-out

Curbside service will continue until ALL students return to campus!

Get a book from the McCollum Library using Curbside Check-out!!

We have so many wonderful new books and you can check them out through our curbside service. Check out the videos and charts below to find out how!

MHS Library Curbside Check-out (and Book Return): The Basics

Check out 3 books at a time for 3 weeks.

No overdue fines!

BUT you won't be able to check out new books

until you return the old ones you have checked out.

Return books when you pick up your new check-outs on Fridays,

OR drop off your books in the McCollum first hall Main Office in the library basket.

Call 210-989-1518 for help!

MHS Library hours are 7:45 am to 4:15 pm.

How to put a book on hold in Destiny

MHSWebpage and Destiny

Call us at 210-989-1518 for help!