Digital Citizenship

Madyson McSwain I.T 10th Hour

Choosing A Computer

When you are choosing a computer you have to know what software you need and make sure you have enough storage for your things. It is best for you to know what type of computer you want first so you can narrow down your options. You also have to know what is best for you like cloud computing. If you want to to save things on your computer cloud computing will not save it. Cloud computing is bad for saving pictures, information, and ect.
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Wireless Communication

There is a lot of information to know about wireless communication. First thing is texting and driving. Texting and driving is really bad and can cause accidents. 1.6 million car accidents happen everyday because of texting and driving. Another thing is inappropriate pictures. No matter if you send them to someone close to you, that person can send it to other people and the photo will get around easily. inappropriate pics aren't just inappropriate they are also bad and can get you in lots of trouble. You may not know this either, but your phone doesn't work everywhere. You may not know but you can be stealing data and wifi from places and that can also get you in trouble too
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The Viral World

In the viral world of computers many viruses can wipe out your hard-drive and other important information. You can get viruses from unsafe websites that don't have lock pads on the URL. For example https: is how you know you are safe and if you have a padlock that is another way of showing that you are safe. Another thing is to NEVER give out a lot of information in your social media. A lot of people in the viral world could find you or even log into your other social media cites. That is why it is safe to have complicated passwords but also make sure that you write it down somewhere.
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Internet Resources and Credibility

Plagiarism is not okay. You always need to cite your sources and give credit to them. Plagiarism can change your life. You can go to jail, loose scholarships, and even fail a grade.
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Creating Multimedia Projects

People have rights to their own song. Its called copyrighting. Almost EVERYTHING can be copyrighted. If you ever want to copy someones work that is copyrighted you have to have permission. It is illegal to download something that is copyrighted and it is bad to post stuff that is copyrighted for people to see.
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Digital Relationships and Respect

Cyber bullying......Cyber bullying is wrong. If you cyber bully you can get in big trouble. It is nice to put yourself in other peoples shoes. You need to feel how other people feel. It is also wrong to be a bystander when you see bullying happen. You are also being a bully too. It is bad to watch people suffer from thing you wouldn't want to happen to you.
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