Yearbook Staff!

By: Madison Brooks

About Me!

  • On September 8th, 2000, a baby was born around 7:00 am, and that baby was me!
  • I am currently part of the Freshmen class, am taking Dual Enrollment at Snead State Community College next year and am a part of the Senior Beta Club.
  • I have many hobbies I do during my free time, (hint: check out the background), and spend tons of time with my loving family!
  • (To the right is a picture of my friends, family and I. Pictured in the collage are the following: Skyler Gibson, Summer Humphrey, Lindsey Owens, Heidi Serrano, Paige Skaggs and myself.)

What's your favorite______ Madison?

  • My favorite number is........7!
  • My favorite color is....... Blue!
  • My favorite sports are........ Volleyball and Basketball!
  • My favorite object is a...... Balloon!!!
  • My favorite hobbies are...... Cooking and Painting!
  • My favorite food is.... Pizza!
  • (The picture shown has balloons which show the number "15" which symbolizes my age!)

The Question That is Always Asked About Me!

  • We all have that one question people ask you when they see you and mine is "How tall are you?" and just in case you're wondering also... I am 5'10" :)
  • The picture to the right shows that I was almost taller than my Prom date.. (pictured is: Skyler Gibson and I)

Madison Brooks

Thank you for reading my flyer! I hope you enjoyed it Mrs. Allison/ Mrs. Miller!

(to the left is a picture I took of myself)