Hudson's Happenings

February 5, 2016

Notes From the Teacher

Our Valentine Party will be held on Thursday February 11th! Thank you to those parents who signed up last night at conferences to bring treats. Students are welcome to bring valentines as long as they bring one for everyone in the class. We have 18 students in our class. I have found in the past, it is much easier to only fill out the "from" part of the valentine then they can quickly pass them out. We will also be making bags in class, so students do not need to make a box at home.

It is time to start preparing for 3rd grade. Second graders will be expected to work and act more like 3rd graders from here on out. This means that students need to be responsible and turn in their homework and Reading Log on time! I have a lot of students who are not turning in the nightly homework or weekly Reading Logs. Reading Logs are for a grade and have greatly effected grades. Students do not get their Homework brag tag if work is turned in late or not at all.

Final reminder to bring ANY donations for ANY of the classroom themes for the Chili Supper Basket Auction by the extended deadline of Wednesday, February 10th. Your donations are greatly appreciated and are helping make some fantastic baskets!

Urgent PTO Help Needed

North School Parent Teacher Organization needs new leadership. Please consider volunteering to help lead the organization during the 2016-2017 school year. The PTO is a vital part of the children’s education, providing additional supplies and materials for teachers, play and programs for the students, and support for extracurricular activities. Without leadership in the PTO, the parent-teacher organization could cease to exist. If you would consider the role of President or Vice President, talk to Jennie Wells by Thursday, February 11. Jennie Wells can be reached by calling (573) 230-4051 or emailing You are also welcome to call Barb Martin, principal, at 896-8304 or by email for more information. Thank you for your support of the North School PTO.

If you missed conferences on Thursday night, you may come in from 3:00 - 5:00 Monday.

This Week's Focus


*I can use a variety of sources to gather information on my topic.


*I can use my prior scientific knowledge to rehearse and plan an informational book..

*I can use my writing plan to draft an informational book.


*I can write and use homophones correctly.

*I can write and use possessives correctly in a sentence.


*I can use tables to represent the relationship between two quantities.

*I can use information in a table to determine the relationship between two quantities .


*I can explain that a magnet can attract or repel only the objects in its magnetic field.

*I can explain that magnets can work through paper, glass, plastic, and water.

*We will have our test next Wednesday. Be looking for the study guide to come home on Monday!

Upcoming Events

February 8th- Conferences

February 11th- Valentine Party

February 12th- NO SCHOOL

February 15th- NO SCHOOL

February 18th- 2nd Grade Play & Chili Supper