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Failing Plants in Cleveland, Ohio's New Community Garden?

On July 8, 1994, resident Virgil and his father decide to plant lettuce in their new community garden. "It's a great way to earn some extra money since people pay more money in restaurants for fresh lettuce," Virgil's father tells reporters, but will the lettuce survive the dry, hot heat of this year's summer?

Virgil explains, "That lettuce was like having a new baby in the family and I was its mother. I watered it every morning if my father was still out driving." Virgil also tells us he found a mysterious locket while digging with apparently a sad little girl's face in it. Hmm...

All of the sudden, the lettuce starts turning yellow. It was dying from all of the heat! "My father practically cried," he jokes. "I got pretty upset too. My father said we would raise enough money for a bike I really wanted. I had already told my friends about it too," he adds. I guess all things really do come to an end.

Picture Caption: The fine lettuce the two men grew in the new Community Garden.

Resident Emily Jackson writes letter to Lonnie Motion:

How do you deal with the lost of your Loved Ones?

Dear Lonnie,

I have recently lost my great grandmother, Gigi. I wanted to know how you dealt with the lost of your mom and dad in the fire. My Gigi died because of natural causes. She was 93 when she died.

She lived in a nursing home and I would visit her every weekend. When I last saw her, she was faced down on her bed. She didnt respond or do anything when i tapped on her shoulder. That was when i realized she wasnt breathing. I then called for the nurse and she was immediately rushed to the hospital. The next morning, all of our family members visited her at the hospital. The doctor gave us the unbearable news. Tears shed from everyone.

After that day, I couldnt eat, sleep, or talk to anyone. I would go to school with a red face and bags under my eyes from crying so much. I know that i wont forget, but i would like to stop feeling the way that i am. I just cant concentrate. Please Lonnie, you've been through this before. I need your help.

Best regards, Emily

Lonnie's response:

Dear Emily,

I know exactly how you feel. While reading your letter, I couldn't believe the similarities. The best thing to do is to be surrounded by the people you love. Try to remember the good times you had with your Gigi and think positive. If you keep good thoughts in your head, the whole situation will be a little better.

Asking questions and talking to people about it helps a lot too. Letting all of your feelings out and talking to someone close to you will release a lot of tension. The best thing to always remember when you're feeling sad about your Gigi, is that she is in a better place now. I know God is taking very good care of her. I hope you feel better soon.

Your friend, Lonnie